Try It Tuesday, a discount, and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey mamas!

Today I have a confession for you.  I have roots, I mean bad roots.  Gone are the days of me getting my hair done every six to eight weeks.  These days I’m lucky if I can get them done every three months.  It’s a combo of prioritizing other things about “getting my hair did”, the fact that I don’t like to get my hair done, wanting to spend the $200 on something, basically anything, else, and having a hard time asking for help with the kids so I can go spend two to three hours in a chair.  Can you relate?  So this is what my hair currently looks like:

Before roots

After consulting my calendar, I can tell you that it has been fourteen weeks since I last had my hair highlighted.  Yup, it’s a long time. But have no fear, I’m going today!  Yipee!  Anyway, I was contacted by the wonderful magicians at Rootflage. (Like camouflage, but for your roots!)  Obvi, they were appalled by the thick dark roots I’ve been rocking.  They told me about their product and I immediately said yes and yes and yes, I would love to try it!

Here’s what the company says about their product:

“Rootflage is the best Instant Blonde temporary root touch up product, perfect for anyone who highlights their hair blonde and wants to instantly camouflage or touch up their roots before their next salon appointment.  You simply apply this quick-fix blonde root touch up to temporarily lighten your roots and voila! Your roots are camouflaged like magic! Nice work soldier, you just bought yourself time before your next highlight appointment.”

The above is absolutely true.  I admit, I was skeptical.  I’ve tried some other root products before.  One product I’ve used was similar to Sun-In.  Did you ever use that product…like waaaaay back in junior high?  I did.  It was an orange disaster.  This wasn’t as bad, I used a hair dryer instead of the sun.  But it was brassy and smelled bad.  Then there was a dry shampoo that I sprayed in.  The color got everywhere and was grey.  Each of these products only had one shade of blonde.  So I was super excited to find out that Rootflage has multiple shades and is a dry shampoo as well. (Perfect for this girl.  I don’t wash my hair all that often.)  But the best best best part is that you apply it with a brush.  Just like a make-up brush.  Here are some pics of their adorably packaged product.  They sent me two different blonde shades: cool and light.  This combo worked perfectly to give me almost a perfect match.

IMG_4849rootflage product

So, I had a super duper fun Girls Night Out last Thursday.  Some old friends and I went to see Pink in concert on Oakland.  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test drive this product.  Here’s a closer look at those terrible roots.


Here’s a pics of me trying to apply the Rootflage.

IMG_4909root close up

Ok, so these pics don’t really show the applications process.  Sorry.  I tried, but most of them were so blurry.  Here’s the real deal info, I sort of brushed the product into my part and along my hairline with the applicator.  Then I took my fingers and “shjoojshed it” (extremely technical term) around a bit.  There was a little on my face so I wiped it with a make-up brush and it was immediately gone.  You can control the amount of product that comes out of the applicator with a click or two.  The other girls I was with liked it so much they started using it too!  Here’s my after pic…

after shot

See, so much better.  Let’s take a side by side at the old root situation.

before-after shot

Voilla, basically the bombdotcom.  I have been using it almost daily since.  Pretty awesome right???  Well, if you want to give Rootflage a try, I have a treat for you.  The geniuses as Rootflage are not only smarty pants, they are also very generous.  They are offering 25% off all orders at with the code: mamamomtourage.  This 25% off is  good until November 30, 2013.  Super awesome!  Or you can take your chances and enter to win a Rooflage giveaway.  We have a 3 pack up for grabs! ($60 value)  To enter the contest you must follow my blog via email, (to do this, go to the margin of my blog and enter your email address where it says “follow blog via email”), “like” the Mama Momtourage Facebook page, and share this giveaway via Facebook.  Once you have done those three things, please add a comment below telling me you want to entered to win the contest.  All entries must be in by this Sunday, October 20th at 7pm PST.  The winner will be announced on Monday, October 21st.  Sorry, US entries only.

Have a great Tuesday mamas!




10 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday, a discount, and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Llike, shared, entered, follwed by email and all that good stuff ! I have the worst roots too and a pretty similar color hair to yours, so this would amazing!
    If you want to follow back my blog is in the comments… my facebook is facebookcom/BudgetBeauty (that’s my page but I followed you with my main page under my name )

  2. Definitely worth a try 🙂 I’m following, I liked and I shared…enter me for the giveaway please! PS. Cute blog 😉


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