Monday Inspiration


words of wisdom 10-14


Happy Monday mamas,

The roots I get.  The wings is a doozy for me.  It’s a doozy because it means at some point I have to let my babies fly away.  As in, not under my roof and not playing by my rules.  Maybe it’s because they are still so young (2 and 4), that I can’t imagine a day when they don’t yell “mmmoooooooooooooom!” like one million thousand times.  But that’s the point right?  “To teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they posses insiiiiiiiiiiide.”  (Thanks Whitney.)  Anyway, the point is to make sure that we are all doing a good enough job in these formative years so that our babies become upstanding, decent adults that lead productive lives, make good decisions, give back to their communities, and make the world a better place.  No big deal, right?  You know, they fly away and onto a life that makes us proud.  Totally no pressure.

And then we can become besties and totally go shopping every week and have lunch like 2-3 times a week and maybe a few happy hours here and there.  But, obvi, countless daily texts and definitely a daily phone call.  After all, I’m experiencing the greatest love of all, right?

Ah children… they can make even the most sane person a total nut job…

This week I’m looking forward to this week…

Monday, October 14th – Momtourage playdate at 9:30am at Lake Forest Park 1821 Francisco Dr, El Dorado Hills.

Tuesday, October 15th – Toddler Time at 10am at Folsom Library 411 Stafford Street Folsom.

Wednesday, October 16th –  3:30 –  Wild Wednesday at the Folsom Library.  Children ages 5 and up are invited to join Folsom Zoo volunteer docents for stories and an animal guest.  (I wish my daughter was old enough.)

Thursday, October 17th – 7pm – Momtourage Night Out at Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay.  Let me know if you can make it so I can add you to the reservation.

Friday, October 18th – Preschools stories and songs at 10:30 at the Folsom Library.

Have a great day!




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