That’s Pinteresting…

Happy Thursday mamas!

Today we are creating Pinsperation.  This is a real mom.  Her name is Brandie.  She has two adorable boys 4 (almost 5) and 18 months and lives in Folsom with her handsome hubby.  What a beauty!


Photo courtesy of Memories by Michelle

She’s letting us into her house to show us how she decorates for Halloween.

kachur Collage


This is one of the first things you see when you walk past her entryway.  A glowing pumpkin emblazoned with the family’s initials from Kirkland’s.  Next to that, on the dining table is a sweet display of metallic pumpkins.


I love that they look like jewels surrounded by beautiful fall foliage.  Beautiful.  That’s where the sweet ends and the spooky Halloween fun starts.


This is the mantle in their living room where the family spends quality time together.  Not sure if you can tell, but the print hanging on the wall lights up.  Spoooooky.  They bought a smaller one first at Kirkland’s, but that just would’t do for her older son.  He wanted the jumbo print.  Love that kid!  Anyway, she used a fantastic cobweb table runner as a mantle scarf and topped it with that cute “Wicked” garland from Rod Works.  This adds a spooky tone to the creepy bottles and witches books she keeps on hand in case the boys get out of line.  Hey, you never know when you need a curse handy, amiright??


Here’s a closer look at the books and bottles.


Opposite the mantel is another table.  She placed an adorable table runner here and she’s serving shrunken skulls for dinner.  Yum, my fave!


Those witches legs are too cute.  This table runner and the shrunken skulls are from Rod Works.


This creepy crawly trio sit on the island in the kitchen guarding/attacking the tiny gourds.  I think those kooky pumpkin spiders are just the right mix of creepy and silly.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of Brandie’s spooky Halloween house.  The good news is that much of what you see here is available at Rod Works, Micheal’s, and Kirklands.  These shops are all local to us in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, but if you’re not close to a Rod Works, you should totally check it out.  They have some really unique home decor items.  I’m especially fond of their picture frames, and you can shop online here!


Do you have some spooktacular Halloween decor to share with me.  Email me at to be featured on my blog.




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