Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday!

Today I have cheap little home decor item for you.  So, we all know I love me some Pinterest!  Well, there are always “free printables” listed for every occasion…4th of July, Back to School, Beginning of Summer, Christmas…I could go on and on.  I always print them and display them in my home.  And I always get compliments on them.  I love celebrating each and every holiday I can.  My kids really enjoy it too.  Here’s the “free printable” I currently have on display for fall.

tips and tricks 10-8

Pretty cute right??  See that frame it’s in?  Yeah, I have no idea where it was from.  I tried looking online to find one similar, but no dice.  I think it was given to me about ten or more years ago with a photo in it, but I can’t be sure.  I can tell you that it was that blonde wood color you see at like Dollar Store or Walmart.  So, because it was a cheap frame that was originally a light color I have spray painted it about a thousand times to suit my needs.  But if you have some fancy shmancy frame use that.  If not, find an old one and transform it.  It’s cheap and easy.

Here’s the printable I got from Pinterest:

tips and tricks printable

You can download it here.

If I was a super mommy I would print this on photo paper at a professional printing shop.  But, I’m just a normal mom trying to get ish done and make some memories!  So, I printed it out on my normal printer on typical 20# printer paper.  Next, I got my cheap frame, framed it, and proudly displayed it in my entry.  I think it looks pretty good, dontchathink????


Cheap and easy.  If you’re not someone who’s into decorating for every holiday, this is for you.  It adds a lot of cheer without a lot of heavy lifting!  See how festive are you???

Follow me on Pinterest for more free printables. Mama Momtourage Pinterest Page.




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