Meet Kate Casey of Love and Knuckles

This week’s Five for Friday is a real treat!  It’s a real life celebrity!  I’m sure you’ve heard of Love and Knuckles.  If you haven’t, let me tell you…it’s hilarious!  “Snarky columns about pop culture and celebrity gossip.”, is how Kate Casey of Love and Knuckles describes her site.  It may be snarky, but it’s pretty much the funnier version of what we’re all thinking.  I feel so lucky to have Kate visiting today!

Meet Kate

Kate Casey

Philadelphia born and bred. Currently living in Newport Beach, California with my husband and three kids Mia (4), Jack (almost 2), and Hayes (10 weeks). A media consultant for law firms by day and humor writer covering pop culture by night.


Currently Coveting:

H bracelet

If we were talking jewelry I would love the thin gold Hermes H bracelet with light pink band.

Too much botox

 But if you want to talk plastic surgery/facial transformation procedures I would love a tub of Botox, but unfortunately feeding my infant breast milk is taking precedence.

I really love…

Maya Brenner multiple letter necklace

Shop here

Maya Brenner monogram gold necklace with my children’s initials because it is thin, can easily be layered with other pieces, and it is sentimental.

Guilty Pleasure…

champagne 2


Vanity Fair

Reading an entire issue of Vanity Fair while consuming champagne without the distraction of work or screaming children.

Fave beauty item:

Tom Ford lip glosses

Soap? Once a week I go on a date night with my husband. It’s my way of reminding him that his wife can wear something other than running shorts. On those occasions I like to take it up a notch with some makeup. Not drag makeup. I like Chanel blush and Tom Ford makes great lip-glosses.

Fun fact: Tom Ford lip-gloss can outlast making out with a champagne glass.

Recent mommy moment…

breast pump at work.

On Monday the dry clean delivery guy saw me pumping milk in my office. I am pretty sure his eyes are still bleeding.

Kate is such a giver, she’s offered a bonus question:

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received?


I have always admired the way my friend Judi would tell her sons how much their brother adored them. “Look at the way he looks at you. He thinks you are the coolest person in the whole world”, she would say. My husband and I have adopted that practice by making sure our kids always hear how much their sibling loves them and how they will be best friends their whole life. So it gives us great joy when they kiss and hug and ask where the other is when they are apart.

Awwww….That last one is such good advice!  Isn’t she awesome!  I would like one of those necklaces too!  Here is a picture of me and some of the Momtourage reppin’ for Love and Knuckles in our boxing class.  Yes, we are all wearing our Love and Knuckles shirts…

love and knuckles

You should really check out Love and Knuckles and “like” her Facebook page to catch up on everything pop culture.  Or, just to see hilarious pictures like the one below!

kate as Kard

Special thanks to Kate Casey!

Have a great weekend!


(Photos on the blog today are Kate’s personal pics, my personal pics, and the rest are from Pinterest.)


4 thoughts on “Meet Kate Casey of Love and Knuckles

  1. Really want that necklace too. When visiting the site it only has single letters…can u customize to get all three on one chain or do I have to drop 680 on three necklaces? (No amanda not pregnant with 3rd just wishful thinking :))

    • Co, I know! Isn’t that necklace fab! Kate obvi has excellent style!

      To order the multi-letter necklace, go to their website, choose shop, then click necklaces. When a new window opens choose “letters”, click whichever letter you want 1st (in your case “A”), then more info. This will take you to a new window where eyou will be able to choose your materials and any additional letters. I went through the process and chose an “A” and an “R” in yellow gold and I upgraded to the 18″ chain. The total without tax and shipping was $365. Much better that $680. But if you ask me, you’re more than worth it!


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