Halloween on humpday

Welcome to the second day of October!  Because I love Halloween oh-so-much, all month I will be featuring readers homes dolled up for the spookiest time of the year.  Today we have our very first victim, I mean guest.  Kindra is giving us a tour of her spooktacular home!  She lives in El Dorado Hills with her husband and their adorable little girl.
Here she is in her own words to tell us all about her home and how she likes to decorate.  I’m sure you’ll be inspired to mix things up at your own house after you hear her tips!

Kindra Hi
I love Halloween because it is the only time of year you can get away with wearing a costume as an adult. I love to dress up and create one of a kind costumes! This year I am going to be the Queen of Hearts. We have an Alice in Wonderland trend going in this house and we can’t seem to shake it. My daughter is going as Alice and my husband is going as the Mad Hatter. Last year he was the March Hare and I was the Mad Hatter. He will not be wearing my tutu this year though. Lol.
Kindra Mad Hatter
I also love Halloween because I love old, rustic things which lends itself well to this holiday.  I have a special place in my heart for vintage and I try to use many of the things I already have out on a daily basis to incorporate with my Halloween decor. It keeps things flowing nicely from room to room and I don’t have to buy a ton of stuff. Simple items I keep around and use from season to season include old crates, old books, old bottles, buckets and fabric…especially burlap. I HEART burlap.
Vintage collagebirds items I already have
I also love Halloween because anything pumpkin makes me happy. I love eating pumpkins…I love decorating with pumpkins…I love carving pumpkins. I always buy a ton and keep them incorporated with my decor through Thanksgiving. Adding organic elements is another simple and affordable way to give a Fall vibe to your Halloween decor. I not only incorporate pumpkins, gourds and corn but I use hay, spanish moss and branches. These items have a way of pulling it all together when added throughout the house.
Fotor entrance
I have been collecting Halloween decor for many years now. I pick up a few special items each year at places like Michaels, Joann’s, Home Goods and Target. I also love to hunt for Halloween goodies at the Antique Fair and on Sutter Street in Folsom. My favorite shop there is Gracefully Vintage. This year I bought the old weathered top hat that is resting on top of my spooky headstone. Adding personal touches like a top hat, a grandfathers pocket watch, an old grain scooper, and vintage bottles and books really creates a unique ambiance.


edited 3
Don’t be afraid to get crafty! I recently started make rag tie banners. I am so in love with how they look that I make one for every occasion now. It is really simple, totally fun and very relaxing to sit and tie fabric with a glass of wine in front of the tv at night. You will be hooked too! The rag banner on my mantle was my latest creation. Last year I purchased inexpensive frames and painted a crackle finish on them. I purchased vintage anatomy photos on ETSY and voila! I created awesome Halloween art for only a few dollars. Those now sit proudly in my front entrance.
Rag tie banner
My most valuable decorating tip is to invest in a few basic items that you can use time and again throughout the holidays. Old wooden crates can hold pumpkins, ornaments, love letters at Valentine’s Day, buckets of shamrocks at St. Patricks day. Old books and bottles can be tied up with different fabric or ribbon depending on the holiday. I tied all my books and bottles with red, white and blue ribbon for the 4th and in August I filled bottles with pink and yellow pinwheels for my daughters birthday party. Vintage buckets can hold sprigs of pine in the winter and easter eggs in the Spring. Keep it simple ladies. Try not to overthink it. Find what you like and what makes you happy in your home and go with it. Decorating is just another form of personal style expression. There is no wrong way to do it. Cheers and happy decorating!
Have a great day!
Kindra U
Wow!  Such excellent advice, and what beautiful decor.  Kindra really knows what she’s talking about mamas!  She is the owner of Pinwheels and Polka Dots.  They offer themed party rentals for any occasion.  I love what they have because it’s very unique because most of it is hand made or vintage.  You should totally like them on Facebook.


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