Inspiring Mondays

Motivational Mondays 9-30

Hey mamas,

A good deed, when was the last time you did a good deed?  I would like to tell you that I do one each day.  But, sadly, that’s not true.  I do seize the opportunity when it is presented, but it’s not on the forefront of my daily thoughts.  When I do something good, it makes me really happy.  When a stranger does something nice for me, it restores my faith in humanity.  And it inspires me to “pay it forward”.  Your kids will start thinking about good deeds if they see you doing a good deed.  It’s contagious.

So far, I haven’t done as much as I can with my kids, but there is one thing.  When it comes to toys they don’t play with or clothes they’ve grown out of, they’re happy to part with them.  This started years ago when my daughter was about 2.  I was packaging up some stuff to give to “the less fortunate”.  I was telling her how they were going to be so happy to have these things.  A month or so later she came out of her room with a handful of items.  She said, “Mom, these are for Les.”    Me, “Ummm, OK.  Who is Les?”  Her, “You know, Les Fortunate.”  Me, “Aha, sounds good.  Ms. Fortunate will be so very grateful.”  Well, to this day, she’ll come to me with stuff for Les, and my son does too.  It always makes me smile.

I hope I’ve inspired you to do a good deed…today.  It’s contagious,  You’ll see…do one good deed today and I’m sure you’ll have a bit more pep in your step.  There’s really no better way to start your week.  Oh, and make sure you put aside some stuff for Les, she’ll really appreciate it!



For my local Momtourage: October’s MNO is at Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay on October 17th at 7pm,  mark your calendars and get a sitter! To see the full calendar go here.

Check out everything going on this week:

Monday, September 30th – 9:30 – Momtourage playdate at El Dorado Hills CSD Park.  All are welcome!

Tuesday, October 1st  – 10 – Toddler Time at the Folsom Library

Wednesday, October 2nd – 10-10:30 Baby Bloomers Story Time at the Sacramento Children’s Museum

Thursday, October 3rd – 10-10:30 – Early Literacy Storytime (Ages 3-5) at the El Dorado Hills Library

Friday, October 4th – 9:30 and 10:30 – Poodlums in concert! at the El Dorado Hills Library

Saturday, October 5th – 9-4 – Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary’s 50th Birthday at the Folsom Zoo

I hope to see you all this week! 


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