Meet Aimee

Today I have a beautiful, sweet mama for you to meet.  Her name is Aimee and she is super talented.  She’s been helping me with my Momtourage page since it started.  She has an adorable blog and two ridiculously cute kids.  I love her style and I know you will too!

Meet Aimee…

My name is Aimee and I’m so excited to be visiting over here at Mama Momtourage. It’s so nice to “virtually” meet you all. I live in Folsom with my sweet hubs of 3 years, my 2 year old son and my newborn baby girl. I’ve worked for Style Magazine as the “Social Media Maven” (yes, that’s my official title) for the past 8 years. I absolutely love my job and the company I work for! I also blog for fun over at Folsomette.

Currently Coveting:

Everything in my closet! I had my baby girl, Mila, 3 months ago and I’m still in that funky transitional stage with my wardrobe. I can’t wait until I can fit into my clothes again and have free reign of my closet. I refuse to buy anything new until ALL of the baby weight is off.
Shop here     
I will be attending my first winter wedding in a few months and I just ordered this amazing long sleeve dress from Anthropologie.

I really love…

Leggings! As I mentioned above, everything else in my closet is off limits at the moment. I live in leggings and oversized shirts. Thank goodness they’re on trend right now.
California Dreaming
I also love my new “California Dreamin” shirt from California Limited.  (Ok, so I lied. I have bought a couple things since the baby was born). It’s super soft and fits really nice. It’s my go-to casual shirt to throw on (over leggings of course!).

Guilty Pleasure…


The Kardashians, Little Debbie’s Nutty Bars and Wyder’s Pear Ciders.

Fave beauty items:

BB Creams! I’m obsessed with trying them all. So far, my favorites are Smashbox and Tarte. The Smashbox BB cream looks incredible topped with Smashbox’s Halo powder. I get so many compliments on my skin when I pair those 2 products together.
I’m dying to try Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara. Jenifer Haupt is very talented local make-up artist and she swears by this stuff. It will be a new addition to my make-up bag here shortly. I mean… come on, with a name like that, how can I turn it down?

Recent mommy moment…

At this moment, as I type, my son is sleeping in his new “big boy” pirate ship bed for the very first time. I was so freaked out all day about this moment… thinking there would be tears and trauma. He went down without a fight, never got up and is currently fast asleep. I’m feeling mixed emotions. I’m relieved about the smooth transition, but also sad that my baby is growing up so fast.
Thanks so much to Aimee for participating!  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?  Great, now I need some new leggings and mascara!  Loved getting to know her!  Please stop by her page and stay in touch.  She’s one “in the know” mama!
Have a great weekend!




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