Coupon alert: Bumbums and Baubles

Hey mamas!

Have you heard about Bumbums?  No, well let me tell you, they are adorable, comfortable, and durable little girls shoes!  You can check them out here.  They have accessories too!  Here’s what their website says:

Bumbums & Baubles™ are the fun new way to accessorize!

Each pair of Bumbums shoes come with a pair of awesome baubles (aka shoe accessories). Want more options without buying a lot of shoes? Bumbums & Baubles has you covered.

Purchase additional baubles individually and there is no limit to the accessory possibilities for your little girl’s shoes. We’ve got a ton of designs for you to choose from. Mix and match your Bumbums & Baubles for a new look on your simple and classic Bumbums shoes!


Amanda & Caitlin

Well, guess what???  They’re offering us an exclusive coupon!   25% off coupon code: rinehart25.  This expires Oct. 1, so make sure you use it before you lose it!

Here are my fave’s from their site:

Bum bums Boot-Black-Gold-Star Bumbums 1-MJ-Pink-Side-500x500 bumbums Headbands-Baubles-500x500

Happy shopping!





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