Tipsy Tuesday: How to break in new shoes

Hey mamas,

No, it’s not what you think.  Although maybe that will happen too…it all depends on how the day goes.  You know what I’m sayin!?

Anyway, today I have a tip for you that all girls need to know!  How to break in you fabulous new shoes without ruining them in the process.  In a former life, I was an event planner.  I did over 500 weddings and a ton of different events and I was always picking up different tricks to help my brides have a smoother day.  Event planning is still in my blood, I can’t shake it!

Every time the season changes I feel like I need a new pair of shoes.  Irrational, I know.  But I can’t help myself.  Here’s what I’m coveting this season:

tipsy tues 5


Valentino, my dream shoe…

tipsy tues 4

       But I’d happily settle for this Sam Edelman.

tipsy tues 3


Via Spigatipsy tues 2

Ted Baker

These shooties are what my dreams are made of!

Tipsy tues blog

These Steve Madden boots would make for a great day to day “throw em’ on and go” pair.

So, you got some fabulous new shoes!  Awesome!  I’m sure they’ll make your legs look HOT!  To ensure your feet keep their alluring appearance, and to make sure you can dance/walk/stand/run and generally look fierce comfortably.  I suggest you break them in the week before the big day you plan to wear them.  And here’s how you do just that.


I bought these fantastic shooties at DSW.  They are Nine West and I am in love!  They will go with everything!  First, you need to assess your needs.  So, here are my issues: I have one foot bigger than the other (1/2 size) and my foot is a bit wide.  Real attractive sounding!  This means that I need to stretch a bit before I break them in.  So, I borrowed the hubster’s Nordstrom’s shoe trees and shoved them in there.



After they sat for a few days I moved onto the next step.  I found two pairs of my hubby’s thick socks.  They don’t need to be the exact same pair, jut make sure they are thick and you won’t mind if they get a hole or two throughout this process.  Throw them on!


Then put your new shoe on over the sock.


Then put your new shoe on over the sock.


Then put the other sock on over the shoe.

Now for about three days walk around your house for an hour.  The internal sock protects your foot and helps stretch the shoe while the external sock protects the shoe from any scuffs or dings.  This is a fool proof strategy.  Tried and true!


See, here I am at an event where I was doing a lot of standing and NO PAIN!  And the next night I wore them again!  I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Happy Tuesday mamas!  Make it special!!




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