Meet Angela

I have a very beautiful and interesting mama for you to meet today.  Her name is Angela and she is fabulous!  She funny, kind, and smart.  She has some adorable kiddos and she’s the bestest teacher ever.

Meet Angela…

Hi ladies!  I am a crazy busy working mom and would not have it any other way.  I have two adorable children.  Samantha, aka Sammie, is eight years old and loves gymnastics.  Jace is 6 years old and is full of energy.  My husband and I just celebrated our 11 year anniversary.  I am currently in my 11th year of teaching.  This year I have an amazing group of 5th graders.  Its an added bonus that all my 5th grade girls love clothes and tell me every morning how pretty I look.  Seriously…it doesn’t get better than that!
Besides teaching, I’m also a CAbi rep.  I started with CAbi over four years ago.  Being a CAbi rep is so much fun.  I get to have Mommy time alone and introduce women to awesome fashion.
ang- ruby ink
At the moment…and I say that because my favorite CAbi clothes change with my mood…One of my favorite go-to CAbi items for fall is my Ink Ruby Jeans.  These are your must have skinny jeans.  They are a dark denim which is super slimming and they feel like you are wearing your workout pants.
ang - swag t
Another favorite item is my “I’m to cool for school” t-shirt called the Swag Tee.  Seriously, a great go to t-shirt that makes you look hot!!!

Currently Coveting:

Well, anything that makes me look skinny.

I really love…

CAbi 2
My favorite piece right now are my Ricky leggings from CAbi.  They are hot and sassy!!
You put them on and feel like one hot mama!

Guilty Pleasure…

Heath Blizzard
Heath Blizzard with extra carmel from Dairy Queen. Holla!  It’s what I dream of!

Fave beauty items:

Runway Hit
My new lipstick, “runway hit”, from MAC Cosmetics.
big kiss
And my fave lip gloss, “big kiss”, from MAC Cosmetics.

Recent mommy moment…

Well, not my finest moment, but here it is…  Last week I had to get my oil changed at the dealership.  Long story short, it took one hour and forty-five minutes.  Ahhhhhhh!  Seriously, that’s a long time to wait with two kids.  I almost lost it, but I tried to stay calm.  So, I go to pay and tell the lady this is ridiculous as I waited an hour and forty-five minutes.  As I’m saying this, my six-year-old son Jace starts to mock me, (he’s going through this mocking phase), I stopped and looked at him and said, “Jace that’s not polite.  You need to stop.”  He then proceeds to say, “Mom, are you going to punch me in my face again when we get home?”  Omg!  Seriously, I have spanked him maybe once in his life.  I could not believe he said this!  So then I had to tell the worker he’s just making that up.  Then I had to explain to Jace that mommy can get in trouble for that and you can be taken away.  And we don’t make up stories.  Needless to say it was a long day!!!
Don’t you just love her!?  She’s as beautiful inside as she is out.  She’s the rep for the CAbi party tonight.  I hope to see you all there!
Have a great weekend!



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