That’s Pinteresting

This week’s Pinterest post is all about the kiddos!  I really love all the different ideas to make your child’s day special.  It helps make my own creativity grow.  You can follow my boards dedicated to kids here, here, and here for more inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!

pinterest banana message


I’ve had a hard time coming up with a different snacks for Ms. Lyla to take to school everyday.  I typically put three things in her lunchbox: a form of protein, a carb, and a fruit.  I tell her she doesn’t have to eat each item if she’s not that hungry or just wants to play.  The school was very clear on not packing too much because it can cut into their recess time.

Anyway, here’s a cool way to jazz up your bananas.  I tried this, it works really well with a pencil.  Lyla loved seeing her name and hearts on her banana.  She said she showed all her friends and they loved it too.  Score one for me!!

pinterest weather chart


I love this idea with fall and winter approaching.  It’s so easy for the little ones to do themselves.  I will be switching out the snowflake to some wind stripes or something.  The clothespin is a great fine motor skill and the visual of the weather makes it easy for my 2 year old and my 4 year old.  I plan to put this by the kitchen window.

pinterest - rock letters


Speaking of my 2 year old, I need to get the ball rolling on his early education.  He’ll start preschool next fall, but I can get him thinking about letters and numbers now.  This looks like a super duper easy activity with stuff I already have.

pinterest no more monsters


I also need to buy a can of Lysol or who-knows-what.  Because, people, I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but allegedly, there is a haunting happening in my daughter’s room.   It all started when I thought it would be OK to take her to tour some historical tunnels at a hotel.  While the tour was a really great time, it was very ghost oriented.  Only they referred to them as “orbs”.  So that’s what the complaint has been when she calls me into her room after bedtime has come and gone.  “Mommy, I think I see a (insert any color in the entire world here) orb over by my window!!”  Perhaps some “No More Orbs” spray will solve this mystery.

pinterest growing pumpkins


We just love to plant and grow things at our house.  Both kids really get into it.  I like it too.   So I think I will finally try this!  We just might end up with our very own patch!


And lastly, a good thing about the sun going down earlier is that it’s dark at bath time.  Why is that a good thing, you ask?  Because the glow sticks are really bright when its super dark!  Yep, that’s right.  I add bubbles and glue sticks to the bathtub, turn off the lights, and invite the kids in.  Boom!  Their little minds are blown!  Glow bath mamas!  Glow bath.  It’s a thing and it’s uhhhh-mazing for small people.

Have a mind blowing day!





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