Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Sunburst Mirror for the Laundry Room


I’ve got an adorable little project for you today!  I’m in love with starburst mirrors.  I think they are fab!  There’s no way you can go wrong by adding one of these to your gallery wall or to doll up a plain, empty wall.  Here’s the tutorial so you too can have one of these cuties gracing the wall of your laundry room.



Materials list:

  • Silver charger 13″
  • kids plate 8″ (or small plate, this is one I had on hand)
  • small mirror 7″ (mine is from Michael’s – ALWAYS use a coupon.  They print them like Monopoly money.)
  • clothespins – I used about 125 of them.  But buy more than you need because some break along the way or you might not like the color of the wood.   (Mine are from Target because I happened to be there.)
  • Drill fitted with a 1/8″ drill bit
  • glue gun and glue sticks



The first thing you need to do drill a hole into your larger plate.  I used a silver charger.  It was the right size and I liked the sheen of the finish.  The silver will shine through the top layer of the clothespins and add a nice touch of bling.

IMG_4655After drilling your hole, string a piece of twine through the hole and tie it in a knot.  Make sure the knot is pretty close to the charger so you can’t see the twine when the final product is hung.


Next, clip the clothespins to the plates.  It doesn’t matter which plate you do first, just get them all on there.  I had Lyla do this part for me.  It’s really giving her fine motor skills a workout.


While you, or your little minion, is doing the clipping, warm up that glue gun!  Just make sure you like the angle of the pins and that they are all placed evenly.

After both plates have clothespins all the way around you are ready to start glueing everything together.  Put the larger plate down first, then the smaller plate, and then place the mirror on top.


Once you feel like the mirror is just the right place, mark it with a pencil.

Then glue it up!  I put the hot glue in a circle on the bottom of the mirror and glued it down.  Then glued the little plate to the larger plate.


While it was drying I had the hubster put a nail and hook in the wall.  Then I looped the sting around it and hung and cleaned the mirror.


Here it is in all its glory.  It really brightens up my laundry room.  And Miss Lou loves to admire her work!

Have a great day!



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