Tips and Tricks Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday mamas!

Hey there today I want to talk about the most exciting thing ever…vacuuming.  Real glamorous, right???  OK, here’s the thing… have you ever vacuumed your house and stood back to admire your work just to find black scuffs along the baseboards???


Well, I have and I was wondering what in the world was causing that.  Guess what??  My vacuum was causing it!  Mmmhhmmm.  I was sabotaging myself.  So here’s how I solved the problem.




Masking tape.  That was all.  I just put the tape all along the black strip.

Now I can vacuum close to the wall without the worry of scuffs.

But you do need to change out your tape when it starts to look a little like this.  Ugly right??



Happy scuff-free vacuuming mamas!





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